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Challenge Cup #1, June 8, 2003

(Report courtesy of the Blizzard Bike Club)

Grande Prairieís Colin McArthur overcame a record crowd of riders, Sunday, to win the first Challenge Cup race of the 2003 season. He won the 82 km. Alaska Highway road race with a time of 2:09:53 minutes, only seven seconds ahead of fellow GPer Joe Radench. Colinís average speed was 37.4 km/hr.

Vaughn Hildebrand and Stephen Ferris were the first Blizzard riders across the line tied at 3rd with 2:12:27 hours. Joseph Gladysz was 4th at 2:14:11 and Tim Gladysz won the bunch sprint for 5th at 2:14:50.

The defending Challenge Cup Champions Blizzard Bike Club won the meet 116 points to 33.

A record road race group of thirty-five riders came out under ideal weather conditions. By the 41 km. turn, it was down to Colin McArthur, Joe Radench and Steve Magusin of GP and Vaughn Hildebrand, Stephen Ferris and Joseph Gladysz of the host club. The group came apart with 8 kmís to go as McArthur and Radench broke away.

Colin McArthur pulled away at the last as Joe Radench struggled to hold his wheel. Vaughn and Stephen came in at the same time tied for 3rd, 2:34 minutes later. Joseph Gladysz was 5th at 2:14:11. Tim Gladysz got 5th, edging out Scott Perry (GP) and Steve Magusin (GP) and Pat Ferris at 2:14:50.

Ed Fornelli had 2:15:20, Roger St. Jean 2:18:25, David Ferris 2:23:54, Erik Snucins 2:24:54, Derek Waldron 2:24:55, Wim Kok 2:27:12, Ken Perry 2:27:40, Ross Garbutt 2:27:52, Jean Guillemette 2:46:22 and Dean Lowry 2:56:07.

Terry Stone of Hudsonís Hope outsprinted Gilbert Bilodeau to win the 60 km. distance with a time of 1:39:20 hours with an avg. speed of 36 kmís per hour. Rod Lewis was third with 1:40:05, Ken Nix 1:45:38 for 4th and Gord Harris 1:51:00.

Adam Currie did 1:51:48 for 6th, Richard Wood 1:51:49, Francis Plum (GP) 1:55:20, Erin Drummond 1:57:00, Wendy Hilderbrand 1:57:30, Jack Gladysz 2:01:39 and Barb Polehoykie 2:15:01.

Tessa Bilodeau cruzíed to victory in the 30 km. distance with 59:09. Anathalie Redmond was second at 1:16:00, Jolea Bilodeau 1:20:04 and Dawn Gladysz 1:34:55.