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Blizzard Bike ClubSeptember 8, 2002

Trevor McDonell won Sundays last Challenge Cup mountain bike race of the 2002 season at Beatton Park. He had a time of 1:13:13 hours for the three-lap event. Timothy Gladysz was second at 1:17:26 and Pat Ferris was in third spot 32 seconds back. Richard Howes was 4th at 1:20:33 and Stephen Ferris had 5th at 1:22:37. Ken Nix won the two-lap event and Jolea Bilodeau won the one lapper. A record thirty-two riders rode the event.

Other finishers in the three lap race were Scott Hack (GP) 6th at 1:22:46, Gilbert Bilodeau 1:26:18, Greg Poirier (GP) 1:26:27, Gary Hilderman 1:28:52 and Eric Snookins 1:30:16 to round out the top ten.

Andrew Kovacs had 1:31:39 for 11th, Francis Plum (GP) 1:31:45, Roger St. Jean 1:32:15, Jordan Fox (GP) 1:32:49, Bruce Jamieson 1:35:21, Tammy Howes 1:37:41, Adam Currie 1:44:33, Travis Sather 1:45:42 and Darren Guliov 1:54:44.

Ken Nix won the two-lap event with 1:18:52, Jason Koloski (GP) second at 1:25:58 and Trisha Gladysz third with 1:32:29. Angela Ripley had 1:38:50 for 4th, Erin Drummond 1:42:46 for 5th, Joy Sather 1:43:23 at 6th and Derek Sather 1:43:24 for 7th.

Jolea Bilodeau had 50:51 for 1st in the one lap and Hilda Bilodeau did 51:43 for second. Danielle Howes, Landon Howes and Dawn Gladysz had 1:00:09 for 3rd, 4th and 5th.

The Blizzard Bicycle Club made it seven-in-a-row, sort of, at this Sunday's final Challenge Cup race of the 2002 season. The local squad had a huge points lead going into this event over the Grande Prairie Club.

The Challenge Cup was first started back in 1988 as a team event between the Dawson Creek Wind Cycling Club, Blizzard Bike Club and the Grande Prairie Wheelers Cycling Club. Grande Prairie won the 1988 and 1989 editions with the Blizzard Club keeping the trophy from 1990 to 1995.

The last winner of a Challenge Cup road race was when Grande Prairie's Joe Radench out sprinted the Blizzard's Jason Pearson on the tough Dodds-Upper Pine circuit in 1995.

The event continued until both Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie both dropped out due to declining numbers in 1996. The series has been in limbo until this year.

The series has now resumed in 2002 after a six-year hiatus. It now consists of two road races and two mountain bike races. Each club hosts one of each, over the year. The club gets points for the various age classes of the riders in each race. Additional bonus points are also awarded to the top five riders, overall.

The individual winners so far have Robert Martens of the Blizzards getting the first road race on the Montney (FSJ) road race circuit. Joe Radench of Grande Prairie won road race #2 in Grande Prairie. Steve Magusin won the mountain bike race in GP's Nordic Trails Park with Trevor McDonell inning Sundays' edition.

At the provincial sanctioned races, Michael Heintzman finished well behind the leaders in the A division of the Alberta Provincial Masters Road Race Championships on Sunday in Bentley, Alta. Heintzman was lapped by the leaders starting the third lap of the 120-km course, but dropped the only other Cat. 4 rider on his second lap, finishing in three hours 45 minutes (3:45).

The next events for the Blizzards are both mountain bike races, both in Beatton Park. Thursdays' is a 6:30 mountain Bike time trial and Sundays is a mountain bike race at 2:00 pm. All you need to enter the thirteen race series is a $20 club membership.

You can get more information about the Blizzard Bike Club via their excellent website at