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Blizzard Bike Club June 2, 2002

Grande Prairie and Fort St. John restarted the Challenge Cup Cycling series, Sunday, with a win for the local Blizzard club in race #1 of the 4 events. Robert Martens and Dave Damery were a one-two punch at the finish for the home squad riders along with a strong rider turnout meant 92 points for Fort St. John vs. 20 points for the Grande Prairie Wheelers.

Sixteen riders came out for a tough 70 km road race on the Humpty's to Upper Pine and return race. The race started badly for the GP rider Joe Radench, when he suffered a flat tire and promptly had a flat with the spare as well. Their race resumed after a short wait for the repair to be completed. The race promptly speeded up after the switchbacks when the Blizzards' Pat Ferris rode out for a breakaway attempt that lasted about 30 km's. This forced the GP riders to chase hard to keep in contact. Eventually the elder rider was caught about 5 km short of the turnaround.

The pack got back together with Joe Radench and Steve Magusin of GP and Robert Martens, Dave Damery, Pat Ferris, Trevor McDonell, Mike Hientzman and Timothy Gladysz. About 5 km after the turnaround, Steve Magusin attacked hard with Pat Ferris on his wheel. The pair soon had a small lead when Robert Martens bridged up. Soon the trio was on their way to a lead that was up to a minute and a half on the pack. This lead forced GP's 'Alcatraz' strongman Joe Radench to lead the charge. The trio held their lead until the decent down the switchbacks. Pat Ferris gave Robert martens a lead out which he turned into a 20 second advantage by the bottom of the hill.

Everything was shattered on the steep return Montney climb. Martens was in the lead with Magusin in pursuit and Ferris struggling behind. Soon Dave Damery and Joe Radench rocketed up the hill and the group of Damery, Martens, Magusin and Radench were untied of the flats for the short return. Radench tried for the early strike to win the sprint but Robert Martens countered and won with Dave Damery close behind for second and Joe Radench third with a time of 2:14:04 hours. Steve Magusin was fourth three seconds later. Pat Ferris held off a late charge of Trevor McDonell and Timothy Gladysz to pick up 5th at 2:15:21. Mike Heintzman had 2:15:29 for 8th, Stephen Ferris 2:20:15, David Ferris 2:22:25, Joseph Gladysz 2:24:24, Francis Plum (GP) 2:34:49, Greg Poirier (GP) 2:37:40, Sam Keats 2:46:13, Jack Gladysz 2:46:32 and Ken Perry (GP) 3:11:08.

Five did the 32 km event with Angela Maull winning with 1:38:11. Adam Currie was second three seconds later and Trisha Gladysz third at 1:41:13. Dawn Gladysz had 1:59:01 and Janet Tolway (GP) had 2:06:13.