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Blizzard Bike Club June 3, 2001

Joe Radench did a job on the local Blizzard Bike Club cyclists and stole Sunday's road race. For his efforts, the Grande Prairie rider and triathlete goes to Alcatraz! The Alcatraz Triathlon, that is.

Radench's time was 1:39:07 hours for the 60 km Swanson loop circuit, 3 minutes and eight seconds ahead of Robert Martens, the best Blizzard showing. Steve Magusin of Grande Prairie was third with the same time.

Joe Radench is an Elite Class Triathlete. June 10th weekend he will be racing in the 'Alcatraz Triathlon' along with the worlds best triathletes. Alcatraz features a very cold, open ocean swim from the famous prison island, back to San Francisco in water that has sharks. The cycle and run are also tough. Not for the faint of heart.

Twenty-eight riders came out for this road race, under breezy, sunny skies. The pack soon crumbled after the first half lap.

The Grande Prairie riders Steve Magusin and Joe Radench were in the main pack along with Pat and Stephen Ferris, Robert Martens, David Damery, Jay Morrison, Trevor McDonnell and Roger St. Jean. The pack of David Ferris, Matt Jarnagin, and Dennis Morrison were the chaser group.

The main pack split apart at the start of laps three as Joe Radench made his move. He pulled away for the easy win with a time of 1:39:07 hours. Robert Martens edged out Steve Magusin and David Damery for second in a sprint finish with a time of 1:42:15.

Jay Morrison beat out Roger St. Jean for 5th spot in a close sprint with a time of 1:45:45.

David Ferris out sprinted Dennis Morrison and Matt Jarnagin for 7th place at 1:49:50. Pat Ferris came in 10th at 1:51:47, Trevor McDonnell at 1:53:55, Marc Mayhew 1:55:43, Lisa Verbisky 1:56:05, Diana Sloan 1:59:18, Jack Gladysz 2:00:12, Richard Wood 2:05:13 and Tessa Bilodeau 2:14:34. Five riders did not finish.

Robin Kerslake won the two-lap event with 46:15. Ted Sloan out sprinted Trisha Gladysz for second at 1:21:27. Joy Sather had 1:29:05 for 4th.

Derek Sather did 46:15 for the one lap distance. Dawn Gladysz had 48:26 for second.

Coming up: Thursday is the Baldonnel Time trial at 7:00 pm. Sunday is the IGA Garden Market Triathlon. Call up for information.