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Welcome To The Grande Prairie Wheelers Cycling Club Homepage

The goal of the Grande Prairie Wheelers Cycling Club is to promote a strong cycling culture while offering club members excellent access to recreation and competitive riding opportunities. The club offers a wide variety of activities to its members and encourages all cycling enthusiasts to join them. The Wheelers are affiliated with
the Alberta Bicycle Association.
(There are days we just hate to ride alone.)

Club News

January, 2013



Regular Club Activities

Group Rides
Weekends (April to October)
See club Events Calendar for locations. Everyone welcome.

Mountain Bike Rides
Wednesdays, 7:00 PM,(April to October)
Meet at West Entrance of East Link Centre. All welcome.

Special Events

Mountain Bike Races
Monthly, April - October: Challenge yourself. Get dirty and have fun! See club Events Calendar for dates and locations.

Both on and off-road. Weekends through the summer.
When the scenery is too nice, ride slow and stop lots.

Required Equipment
--Cycling helmet (ANSI, Snell or CSA approved) At light speed a skid lid holds your hair in place.
--Bicycle in good working order You can ride further in a day then you'd ever care to walk. Don't get stranded with mechanical failure.
--Cycling gloves and shorts (Recommended)

• Wear your helmet every time you ride.
  “Don’t leave home without it.”
• Wear bright colored clothing and ride defensively.
   See and be seen.
• Keep your bike in good working order.
• Carry a small tool kit and patch kit on your bike at all times.
   A quick fix beats walking.
• Always take food and water with you on long rides.
   A few loonies are also useful.
• Dress for the weather and be prepared for weather changes
   during your ride.
• It’s also a good idea to let someone know where you plan to
   ride and when you expect to be back.

Club Contacts

Steve Magusin (President) (780) 539-4134
Tyler Stadnek (Vice President) (780) 539-4227
Bruce Hawryluk (Secretary) (780) 814-9233
more info. coming soon
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